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Kontakt osoba: Admir Tuzović

Kontakt telefon: 033 861 110

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App Impact is a software development company, founded in 2016. by a group of individuals gathered around the idea of building a team of highly specialized software development engineers who are genuinely in love with the code. We are focused on delivering high-quality solutions and products for our clients by providing custom development services, training, and consulting. We take pride in our knowledge, and technology is our passion. Whatever we do individually and as a team, we are guided by Honesty, Humility, and Heart. We are Makers, Partners, and we enjoy building and supporting the Community around us. As “Microsoft Gold Partner” with the “Application Development competency” and with years of experience in building enterprise solutions for various industry branches, we can help you transform your idea into a successful outcome! We provide expertise in the following areas: · Cloud Development If you are planning to expand your business globally, we can help you build modern, cloud-based, highly available, and scalable solutions. Your solution will have micro service-oriented architecture and multi-language support. · Mobile Development Do you need beautifully designed and modern applications or maybe a traditional line of business apps? Based on your needs, our cross-platform development teams will build modern mobile apps for your business. Also, we will help you significantly reduce development costs. · Internet of Things We provide secure cloud-2-device solutions that add real-time insights, data acquisition, automated control, and predictive maintenance to your production processes. Through IoT, we can greatly reduce your time and money investments. · Intelligent Systems Information is power. Our solutions, based on Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, will help you to better forecast and take strategic decisions on the direction of your business. In 2017, we launched our first product, GatherUp! Event Management Platform. GatherUp! EMP is an event management platform that helps event organizers improve the process of organization and delivery of conferences, congresses, conventions, and similar large-scale events. The platform is comprised of several integrated applications that will help you cover every aspect of your event. The product includes a web portal with many admin capabilities, an accreditation generator, mobile event application, attendance logging app and mobile sponsor apps. GatherUp! EMP has been used in the last few years to organize dozens of conferences in various fields, such as Sarajevo Business Forum, NetWork conference, Bosnia Agile, European Collaboration Summit, Sinergija, and many more! As we are continuously committed to creating high-quality applications, in 2018, we launched our second product, CMS (Content Management System). Managing content and maintaining an online presence in today's fast-paced environment can be challenging. Still, everything becomes easier with a modern and integrated set of tools and strategies to create and modify content and information. If you would like to work with us, let's get in touch and make an impact together! You can contact us at


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