Based on the questions, discussions and feedback received during the Info and Q&A webinar on 26.01.2022, and in order to provide more clarity in certain sections of the Guide for Applicants, the EU4DigitalSME team has updated the specific document in the following places:

  • The administrative and initial eligibility check criteria under 13. a.) were updated to mirror the information and criteria as listed in the application form.
  • Permissible documents indicated in the sections 13 a.) and 13 c.) are now referred to as scanned originals OR scanned certified photocopies.
  • Translations for the document titles in sections 13 a.) and 13 c.) were provided in B/H/S language.
  • In section 10, the following sentence was added: Consulting Hours are held in English language.
  • Concerning the templates for the documents listed under 6. and 7. in section 13 c.), namely a Legal Entity form and a Financial Identification form, it was further clarified, that these documents will be provided to selected proposal by the EU4DigitalSME project after the quality check.

The latest version of the Guide for Applicant (Version 1.1) can be accessed via the following link. Updated parts of the document are marked in yellow.



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