Terms of use

Terms of use of the web application b2bit.ba, GIZ Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zmaja od Bosne 7-7a, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, hereinafter: ”the Administrator”:


1.1. We kindly ask you not to use the web application if you disagree with the following terms of use. By using our services, you accept the terms of use. We kindly ask you to carefully read the following terms of use.


2.1. The web application b2bit.ba aims to connect small and medium enterprises and the IT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as to educate small and medium enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to the use of digital technologies in business processes.


3.1. The Administrator’s own content, and in particular technical texts, photos, logotypes and videos of these sites, are copyright-protected. The Administrator makes it possible to use the content free of charge for the purpose of reporting, and especially for online publications, copying and transfer to third parties for the above purpose, including also in parts or in altered form. Please be reminded that in case of any form of use, one must mention the Author's moral right and therefore also the Administrator's notice about copyrights.

3.2. Third party content, which was not produced by the Administrator, and which was presented or stored on the web application b2bit.ba, can be used only with the consent of the special rights holder.

3.3. Any use, even a partial use of the source code, is subject to copyright and licencing terms of the producer and it requires his explicit and written consent.


4.1. The Administrator creates and edits the content available on this web application in good faith and conscience in order to provide the users with reliable and current information. All information available through a hyperlink or other Internet techniques that are not within the immediate publication control of the Administrator falls within the competence of the relevant authors. The liability of the administrator for any information, or any consequences resulting from this, is excluded.

4.2. Information published by the Administrator on the web application is considered accurate and reliable at the moment of its publication. However, the Administrator does not provide a guarantee for the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any of the data stored on the web application. The Administrator does not provide a guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, including a guarantee regarding the marketability or adequacy for a certain purpose. The Administrator also assumes no responsibility for the completeness or usefulness of any of published information, systems, products or processes. Information available on the web application may not be considered the basis for the adoption of important personal, financial or business-related decisions and you agree that you will not hold us liable for not meeting your expectations in this respect. Up to the limitations provided for by law, the Administrator will not be held liable for any direct or indirect, accidental, immaterial or material damage, losses or costs resulting from the use or impossibility to use any of the information available on this web application. In this respect, we suggest that you consult a relevant expert that will give you a piece of advice tailored to your specific situation.

4.3. The Administrator can intervene and remove any immoral, unethical, illegal or harmful content. The exclusion of liability includes all contents such as intentionally or unintentionally linked websites, user opinions and advice or other web information, which are made available through this web application. The opinions that are published may not be considered opinions of the Administrator.


5.1. The competent court in Sarajevo has the jurisdiction in disputes arising from or related to these rules and terms of use.

5.2. The law applicable to contractual relations between the Administrator and users of this website is the law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


6.1. Should you have additional questions regarding these terms of use of the web application, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@b2bit.ba.

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